Selling Your Iron?

Why Consign with Penn McMichael?

  • Auctions
    • Auctions can be risky because you do not control the selling price
    • Less money in the end for seller because you must haul machine to the auction site, sometimes paint, and pay high auction fees
    • Once you agree to put a machine in an auction, you cannot use it.
  • Consign with Penn McMichael
    • Puts your interest as top priority
    • You control the sale price – it is not sold until you say it is sold. Not the auctioneer
      • You can use machine while for sale
      • You can decide not to sell for any reason at no cost to you – change mind, get a job where you need it, etc
      • Advertised worldwide on multiple equipment sites and social media sites like Facebook
      • Put in front of hundreds of local buyers as well.
  • I will come and inspect machine and take pictures and videos to help sell it.
  • I can give you an realistic appraisal on what you can expect from sale, but you set the price.
  • For example–If you want $80,000 for it and I can sell it for $82,000, then I make $2000.
  • If I don’t sell it, you don’t owe me anything.